Dinusiowo Day Care is a unique place created for children whose parents want to guarantee comprehensive development and a sense of security. The mission of our facility is to provide the youngest children with loving care and excellent conditions for play and education. The child is the center of our attention, which is why we give them unlimited attention, tenderness and best support on each and every day.

Qualified, friendly and experienced aunties – as we call our lovely staff – will take care of the proper development of children and wonderful fun by organizing a variety of creative games, from a mini-gardening workshops, through physical activities to a number of artistic and sensory activities. What’s more, thanks to these classes children learn to work and function in a group from an early age, which is of great importance in the process of socialization.


You can always monitor your child’s progress during the day in our facility through direct and continuous contact with the staff via LiveKid app.

More info: https://livekid.com/

We use air purifier on a daily basis in our facility. Our purifier has a 3-stage air filtration system. Nano-Silver filter that removes and eliminates bacteria and retains pollen particles. Active charcoal cleans the air of unpleasant odors. The HEPA filter is responsible for capturing micro-pollutants. The process is complemented by the ionization function, which neutralizes the harmful effects of electrical devices.

Our wonderful aunties constantly care for the development of our toddlers by preparing a separate schedule for each week, focusing on the child’s development, preparing sensory and integration games, art, music and classes related to the seasons or events (e.g. Grandma’s Day).


We know parents prefer different products when it comes to hygiene products, creams or diapers, so please prepare the nursery layette for your child according to the list below:

  • bedding (pillow, sheet with an elastic band, blanket / duvet)
  • water bottle
  • wet wipes (2 pack per month)
  • tissues (1 pack per month)
  • diapers (1 pack per month)
  • nappy rash cream
  • changing clothes
  • non-slip slippers or socks
  • pacifier (if your child uses it)


Mon – Fri : 7 am – 6 pm

Sat, Sun, Polish National Holidays: closed

24.12 , 31.12: open till 2 pm

We provide care for the children ages 20 weeks – 3 years old.


More information coming soon.

We are participating in government based (Rodzinny Kapitał Opiekuńczy (RKO)– for every child, that includes all EU citizens and other people who hold right to work in Poland – please ask for details ) and locally run by Krakow authorities ( UMK – for every child living in Krakow, regardless of nationality) subsidy programmes. As a result we offer discounts – please ask for a details.


  • Up to 5hrs of care per day/ 5 days a week – 1350 PLN per calendar month (around 525 PLN after discounts)
  • Up to 10hrs of care per day/ 5 days a week – 1750 PLN per calendar month (around 565 PLN after discounts)


40 hrs of care per month PASS  – to use when you need it – 700 PLN (price includes both discounts)


600 PLN per year for the first year, then 450 PLN per year.

Enrollment fee secures a place in a nursery, includes an accident insurance for the child and covers costs of: art-based activities materials, bib, creams, potty, hygiene articles and special events such as Children’s Day or a meeting with Santa Claus.

More information coming soon.


Food in our nursery is provided by the Gastropol catering company that specializes in the comprehensive production of meals for educational institutions and has 18 years of experience in providing healthy, tasty meals tailored to the needs of the youngest. You also have the option of using a diet specially dedicated to the child. More info: http://www.gastropol-catering.pl (only in polish).

Daily meal consists of a breakfast, second breakfast, dinner and a supper. It costs 18,50 PLN per day and parents only pay for meals actually ordered (after the whole month) so in case of a notified absence there is no payment.


For packages please pay up to 5th day of every month in advance.

Bank ING
94 1050 1445 1000 0092 9585 0763

More information coming soon.